Kindred Hope Wellness

Areas of Practice:

  • Likes all people
  • Goal-setting (of his own)
  • Affectionate
  • Brings joys


Emotionally Supportive Cat

Echo is a sweet cat that has quite a personality. He often acts like a dog, always protecting a family member or begging for his treats. When he wants your attention he’ll wrap his paws around your ankles and then flap on his back. Echo always wants to play too! So, he is quite the little character and always curious. 

He plays with his people a lot and has a different type of relationship with every one, which is fascinating to see. When some arrive home, he goes straight to the door to say hello and starts chatting away to get some tuna or other treats from them. Echo brings so much joy in his home and with many clients because he is an quirky cat! 


Trained in Play 


Average Cost

No Fee…Only when he wishes to grace you with his presence

What are personal qualities are important for the job that you do? 





What is your personal mantra or favourite quote? 

Making odd dog like sounds from a cat pitch (generally begging for treats) 

Are you curious about Echo?

No, he is only with Trish. However, other therapists might have pets that come and join sessions.

He likes to play with his toy mouse or drag around some feathers. He also loves to sit in his own chair at the dinner table while we have eat, which is quite amusing and he won’t go on the table if food is there. Once the food is removed, then he’ll plop himself in the middle of table with a smug look like he just won.

Echo is a male Balinese cat, which are known to be very social with their people.

What does Echo do during a session?

Echo sometimes opens the door to join a session, then comes up to pat the screen on the client, finishing up by snuggling by the window in his comfortable spot.