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Kindred Hope’s goal is to be transparent about how things work from the practical side of concerns, such as what sessions are like, insurance aspects and more. 


Kindred Hope chose the fox portrait because they represent being fearless, sensitive, and intelligent. It takes courage to start looking into resources and ways to help advocate for yourself. So are you interested about psychotherapy? Hopefully this Q&A will provide the information to your questions about therapy. Please feel free to contact Kindred Hope Wellness, if you have any further questions:


During your intake call, you will likely be nervous which is normal and expected. Our therapist will guide you through this call, which will include information about Kindred Hope Wellness, our approach, and the therapist you will work with. You will also receive some questions from us, which we can help you with if you are unsure of how to answer. Then you will have an opportunity to ask us questions of your own. The purpose is to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

We offer virtual counselling and are able to work with individuals throughout Ontario. Virtual counselling sessions can be online by video or by phone, which is of your choice and can be changed from session to session...just let us know. It has been proven that Virtual Counselling is as effective as in person, if not more so. Virtual counselling allows you to choose your private location in your own comfort which creates a nice sense of convenience.

Virtual Counselling removes the challenge in travel time, transit and parking to your session. Instead you can stay in your pyjamas or comfy clothes with a nice cup of your own tea or coffee while sitting in your bed or the comfort of your own sofa. Some clients even enjoy sitting out in their yard or car to step away and choose their place to have their session.

We currently offer in-person sessions with Candace and Trish. If you are interested, please email us and we can get you started on that. We are hoping to broaden our time and therapists that offer in-person sessions, so we shall keep you updated or reach out and ask because we may not have updated our website when that offer is available.

This is a great question because most clients arrive anxious of the unknown. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable while we focus on some paperwork, policies, and confidentiality agreement. Then we will talk about your history, daily life, and why you want to be in therapy, as well as building an understanding in your goals for being with us and that your goals can change. We will try to include a strategy for you to take with you at the end of the session and the first session will be 45-50 minutes.

Payment is accepted by credit card. A credit card is required to hold your counselling session and will be kept on your file. The card will be charged with each of your appointments.

Every insurance company is different. You will need to call your insurance company to ask if you have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist. We will provide you with a receipt after each paid session, in case you require it for insurance or tax purposes.

We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation or to reschedule your session, otherwise you will be charged a full fee for your session. The fee of missed sessions will be charged to your credit card on file.

It is greatly appreciated when we received more notice so another waiting client may access your session for their therapy.

Every client needs a different amount of sessions, therefore Kindred Hope Wellness does not place a specific amount to each client. If you decide to book with us, then we will book your first session to start. At the end of that session, we will discuss on how you would like to proceed with your sessions. Often that is weekly or bi-weekly sessions. However, each client may need their sessions to be on a more specific routine or timeframe based on their needs.

Clients are also welcome to contact for check-in session when they're done therapy. All you have to do is contact your Kindred Hope Wellness therapist and you will have a session booked as soon as possible.

You will have an opportunity to ask any more questions during your Free intake call or feel free to send an email.